Weymouth to St Malo

Travelling from Weymouth to St. Malo via Ferry

Whether you’re looking for a quick day trip or a two week long holiday, a ferry service is a great way to get from Weymouth, Dorset to St. Malo, France. Condor Ferries has been a trusted name in UK-France ferry transportation since its inception in 1964. Fifty years later, the company carries more than one million passengers a year on its fleet and over 200,000 guest vehicles.

Your ferry journey begins in Weymouth, a popular tourist destination on the Jurassic Coast. The town’s temperate climate provides excellent weather for visitors to enjoy the two hundred events held there each year; these events include a fireworks festival, sports competitions, and the extremely popular summer carnival. Visitors can learn about the area at the multiple museums and cultural sites including Nothe Fort (maritime), the Discovery Museum (science), Portland Castle (16th century fort), and the Weymouth Museum (local history).

Condor Ferries runs ferries from Weymouth to St. Malo, France Monday through Sunday. There is not a direct fast ferry on this route, and all ferries must stop at either Guernsey or Jersey during their travels. Not all days have a return journey on offer, so check an up-to-date timetable in order to plan your trip correctly.

The high speed ferries that link Weymouth to the Channel Islands and the Channel Island sto St. Malo can each hold up to 741 passengers and 175 cars. The modern amenities on board the Weymouth-Channel Islands ferry include a guaranteed seat for each passenger, a cafeteria that serves hot meals and snacks, a club class lounge, a reclining seat option, a duty free shop, a bar and shop, and a children’s television area. All passenger areas on the ferries are air conditioned for your comfort. The Channel Islands-St. Malo ferry has similar amenities though it does not offer reclining seats. This ferry’s cafeteria has both hot and cold snacks for passengers to purchase but does not offer meals. On both ferry services, the crew of thirty will keep you contented and safe as you complete your journey.

Current summer fares begin around £50 each way; this fare includes transport for two passengers and a car. St. Malo is a beautiful walled city filled with markets and shops, and passengers could easily spend the entire day there. However, if the rest of Brittany is calling, Condor Ferries makes it easy to take a quick car tour of the area since car transportation is included in the ferry pricing.

When booking your tickets for the ferry from Weymouth to St. Malo, it is important to understand what is allowed on board. Due to space restrictions, some vans and SUVs may be charged extra or will not be allowed to make the journey. Check the Condor Ferries website before booking to ensure that your vehicle will not incur additional surcharges. No matter if you’re travelling with a car or boarding on foot, all UK citizens will need to provide a passport upon disembarking into France and upon their return to the UK.