Sark to Granville

Sark to Granville (Ferries)

If you are planning a holiday in the Channel Islands or along the coast of France, you may want to take the ferry from Sark to Granville or from Granville to Sark. Travellers should expect to be on the water for about three hours. The main ferry provider is Manche Iles Express.

From Granville, travel times are usually limited to Saturday and Sunday mornings. Some weekends there is only a ferry on Saturday. Departure times may be at 8:30 a.m., 9 a.m. or 10 a.m. at the latest. Since times vary, it is vital to book in advance, thereby confirming the schedule and ensuring availability.

From Sark, travel times are limited to Saturday and Sunday afternoons. Departure times may be at 3:40 p.m., 4:20 p.m., or 5:20 p.m. Again, it is vital to discover if the ferry is running on the day and time that suits your schedule. There are some weekends where there is no service on a Sunday.

Manche Iles Express operates a number of ferries that serve the Normandy region of France and the Channel Islands. The high speed catamarans, currently in service, include the Victor Hugo and the Marin-Marie. In addition to Granville, Normandy travel ports include Dielette and Carteret. In addition to Sark, travel ports include Aldernay, Guernsey and Jersey.


Among the Channel Islands, Sark is the fourth smallest. Actually, it is made up one larger and one smaller island, known simply as Little Sark. The two are joined by a narrow isthmus. Sark is one of the few places left where cars are banned. Tourists enjoy seeing the island via horse and carriage, on bicycle or on foot. The ocean scenes, natural beauty and historic atmosphere are the main attractions. A favourite destination is the highest point on the island where there is a windmill built in 1571. On Little Sark, ferry travellers can go swimming, if the water is warm enough. There are two natural pools known as Venus Pool and Adonis Pool. Adventurers may want to investigate the many natural caves which are accessible only at low tide. Divers can enjoy a variety of sea life which ranges from sea anemones to dolphins. Naturalists can enjoy the butterflies, birds and wildflowers of the island. Puffins, a tourist favourite, have been spotted seasonally. Sark has been named a Dark Sky Community due to its unusual lack of light pollution. Viewing of the stars and planets is better in Sark than many other places in the UK or on the continent. There are a limited number of hotels and restaurants on the island, and reservations are recommended.


Granville was founded in the 12th century on the bay of Mont-Saint-Michel. Located on the Cotentin Peninsula, the city offers historic sites, including the original 15th century ramparts that surround the upper town. The Notre Dame church dates back to the late 1400s and is a fine example of early Gothic and Romanesque architecture. A history museum is a favourite tourist attraction. A museum dedicated to the famous designer Christian Dior, Granville’s best known son, is located in his boyhood home, Villa Les Rhumbs. For those who need a thrill, there’s the Casino de Granville. For outdoor activities, Granville offers beachfront sports such as sailing and swimming. Horseback riding and bicycling are also popular. The popular beach Plat Gousset is located in the city centre. The town hosts a number of big events including the annual Street Arts Festival and a Jazz Festival. Area accommodations include resorts, hotels, bed-and-breakfast homes, and furnished rentals.