Rosslare to Saint Nazaire

Rosslare to Saint Nazaire

Travellers, whether for business or pleasure, now have the convenience of using LD Lines for a ferry trip from Rosslare in Ireland to Sainte Nazaire, France. LD Lines is one of the best ferry lines sailing to various points across the English Channel. They added this particular connection between Ireland and France to their schedule on a once a week basis at the beginning of 2014. In fact, this particular route continues from France to Gijón in the Astuarías region in the northern area of Spain. The weekly return trip begins in Astuarías, continues to Sainte Nazaire and then to Rosslare.

The village of Rosslare in County Wexford in Ireland, a noted Irish resort, has appealed to tourists for more than 100 years. It is an excellent launching point for ferry travellers headed for a visit to France. Traditionally, visitors have come to sunny Rosslare to use its Blue Flag Beach for sunning or swimming as well as one of the excellent golf courses in the area. With the addition of LD Line’s ferry schedule to Saint Nazaire, travellers now have a comfortable and reasonably priced travel option to that city from Rosslare.

Experienced travellers know that Sainte Nazaire is the ideal spot from which to connect with popular French holiday destinations such as Bordeaux, La Rochelle, Brittany, Bordeaux, or La Baule. The port city, on the estuary of the Loire River, recently surpassed Nantes as the region’s busiest shipping port so it is not usually thought of as a resort destination. However, the land on which the city is built has been occupied by people for the last 7,000 years and there are historic and prehistoric sites such as the dolmen in the centre of the city that will interest many tourists. To attract visitors, Saint Nazaire has also developed its lovely coastline that features interesting coves, pleasant beaches, a newly renovated promenade along the seaside, and kilometres of walking paths open to the public.

LD Lines’ ferry that serves travellers from Rosslare to Sainte Nazaire and the return from Sainte Nazaire to Rosslare is the Norman Atlantic, known as the Scintu until its name was changed in January 2014. The ferry, built in 2009, can carry 492 passengers, and 195 cars in its garages. Passengers can choose between cabins and reclining sleeping chairs for the 21-hour trip. There is also a bar, lounge, shop and a restaurant for passenger comfort. All of these amenities are offered to passengers who can travel at reasonable rates meeting the budgets of most travellers.

At the present time, the Norman Atlantic does not carry pets. However, this may change so those wanting to travel with a pet should check with the line when planning a trip. Pet owners should know that LD Lines requires that pets be kept in the passenger’s car throughout the trip. Walking passengers must keep pets in carriers during a crossing and passengers are limited to taking five pets with them. Pet owners are reminded that any pet with which they are travelling must have a passport and they must carry current originals (not copies) of all documents required by the Department of Environment, Food and Rural Affairs.

For more information about the Rosslare to Sainte Nazaire route or to make reservations, contact LD Lines direct or use our booking form above.