Portsmouth to St Malo

Sailing from Portsmouth to St Malo with Brittany Ferries

St Malo is a port city surrounded with walls situated in northwestern part of France. Apart from offering ferry services at its ports, it has roads, with Keolis offering road transport services, railway station, and an airport situated 5 km southwards. It is a site for many tourists during summer. The wall surrounding the city, the chateau of Saint-Malo, and the City of Alert are among other tourist attraction sites in St Malo. The best hotels and restaurants in the port city include Hotel Le Nautilus, Hotel Ambassadeur, Apartment Old Town, and La Villefromoy.

You want to travel from Portsmouth to St Malo? Brittany Ferries is available. Brittany Ferries has two ferries, Pont-Aven and Bretage, sailing the route connecting Portsmouth and St Malo. The ferries make night sailings to France and their return trip to Portsmouth during the day, carrying people and cars.

The prices of Brittany Ferries begin from £209 for carrying two passengers and a car for one route. There are ferries that depart everyday for night travels from Portsmouth to St Malo. Customers who board in time are provided with dinner, and can book a cabin to rest in during the night. The ferries have car decks for carrying cars, trailers, and caravans. The local time for departure of ferries from Portsmouth to St Malo during August and September 2014 is 20:15, with the price ranging from £209 during August and £144 during September. However, depending on tidal conditions, the departure times might vary up to one hour. The departure times are not fixed, therefore are subject to change.

Brittany Ferries does not only provide transport services, but also offer services that make the journey interesting. The ferry offer entertainment, restaurant, shopping, and refreshment services for passengers. It offers map indicating the route from Portsmouth to St Malo to guide passengers and help them make decisions on the destinations to visit, and identify their preferred places of accommodation. It also offers a variety of ports and routes to enable passengers to get as near to their destinations as possible, and provides a guide to driving distances from St Malo to towns such as Angers, Pays de la Loire, Bayeux, Normandy, and Paris, Ile de France to enable passengers to plan for their journey when they reach St Malo. To help passengers know what they are expected of when driving to France and what to do in case they get involved in accidents, Brittany Ferries provides them with a driving guide.

When planning to travel from Portsmouth to St Malo, Brittany offers variety of services that would make your night travel enjoyable, and make sure that you reach your destination early the following morning to start your activities early enough.