Portsmouth to Cherbourg

Ferry Service: Portsmouth to Cherbourg

You can spend more time on your holiday and less time travelling by utilising the ferry services from Portsmouth to Cherbourg.

The departure terminal in Portsmouth is less than a two hour drive from central London on the A3; upon arrival in Cherbourg, you’ll have easy access to the E46, connecting to a motorway network that will speed you to Paris or your French holiday destination.

There are two primary ferry transport companies to consider on the Portsmouth-Cherbourg run.

Condor Ferries

Established in 1964 primarily as transport to and from the Channel Islands, Condor offers seasonal service from Portsmouth to Cherbourg, with intermediate stops at either Guernsey or Jersey.

Monday through Friday there is one return sailing per day, departing at 0850 and arriving in France at 1650. Saturday and Sundays have two departures, at 0850 and 1300, with the intermediate stops and arrival in France at 1630 and 2140, respectively.

Four types of accommodations are available on this route, which sails on the Condor Clipper, Standard Seating, Reclining Seats, Club Class and 2,3, and 4 berth private cabins with ensuite facilities. All accommodations beyond standard seating require a supplement beyond the basic fare.

All passengers have access to on-board bistros serving light meals, a bar that offers beer, wine, and spirits, plus the Clipper Brasserie, which offers freshly prepared on-board 2 and 3 course meals.

Passengers can enjoy duty free shopping on board, tax free wares as much as 40% off high street prices.

Transportation fees are dependent upon whether you are traveling as a foot passenger, or if with a vehicle, depending on the size of vehicle. On foot, each way starts at 69.00; with a caravan from 300.00

Brittany Ferries

Commencing service in 1973, Brittany Ferries has grown to serve ports in England, France, Ireland and Spain.

Service from Portsmouth to Cherbourg is via the fast ship Normandie Express, is non stop and takes just three hours. In season, two return voyages are offered daily, with a departure that leaves at 0900 and arrives at 1300; the afternoon sailing is at 1600 and arrives in Cherbourg at 2000.

Seating on the Normandie Express includes panoramic views with reclining seats in a comfortable lounge arrangement.

Several sizes of private cabins are available on board, including a limited number of pet-friendly cabins.

Two bars and a cafe aboard offer comfortable seating and scenic views; fresh sandwiches, salads, and pastries are available, as well as a selection of ales, lagers, wines and spirits. Should you fancy some gaming during your cruise, slot machines are available for play.

Wi fi internet access is available throughout the ship, and duty free shopping is offered during the entire cruise. A money changing concession is available on the ship.

The Normandie Express has room for 850 passengers and 235 vehicles. Fares are dependent upon your mode of travel, on foot, with a group, or accompanying a vehicle, but start as low as 25.00 in each direction.

Departure Details

With any sailing, passengers are advised to arrive forty-five minutes prior to departure for standard travel, sixty minutes for special needs travelers, and ninety minutes with pets.