Portsmouth to Caen

Your Portsmouth to Caen Ferry Journey Starts Here!

If you’re interested in a ferry service from Portsmouth, England to Caen, France, there are several options to fit your needs.

Portsmouth, situated just 103 kilometers from London, this city has been a crucial port city for centuries and home to the oldest dry dock in the world and home to the British Royal Navel for over 800 years. The city is steeped in rich maritime history, offering numerous entertainment opportunities. The Portsmouth International Port is only two hours from London and has convenient connections by rail and major motorways.

Caen, France boasts one of the oldest university towns in the country. It sits on the Orne River, a bustling and gorgeous city full of fashion boutiques, exquisite art and amazing shopping experiences. The Caen International Port is the newest on the Channel. Caen Harbour is 15km north of Caen and has access onto the autoroute newtwork for convenient travels into France.

The trip from Portsmouth to Caen is a little over six hours. Many of the ferry options include P&O Ferries, MyFerryLink, Norfolk Line, DFDS Seaways, LD Lines, Brittany Ferries and Transmanche Ferries. Brittany Ferries, for example, can get you there in half the time and offer overnight travels.

The prices for each trip are £99 one way for two passengers and a car, leaving Portsmouth at 14:45. This is the excellent offer for anyone who is on vacation and don’t want to waste time getting from place to place.

If you desire to spend the time on the open water in a more luxurious fashion, there is no better option than taking the ferry cruise. There are two ferry cruises, Mont St. Michel and Normandie. Each provide French influenced cuisine and high standards to keep you comfortable on your journey. The price per-person for the cruise varies between £179-£299, depending on the day you decide to sail.

The Mont St. Michel and Normandie offer a huge selection of facilities and wonderful entertainment for your enjoyment. During the 6-7 hour crossing, you could spend time shopping, seeing a movie in the cinema, game rooms, sun decks, children’s entertainment and so much more. There is also a fully stocked bar and coffee shop.

You can even spend time in a spa treatment room, getting facials, massages, body/skin treatments and a nail bar. Most of the spa enjoyment last 20-30 minutes and range in cost from £10 to £42. Call ahead for more details.

You can also spend the time relaxing in comfortable lounges, the promenade on deck or enjoy the wonderful food of your choosing. Taking these cruises are more than beneficial, saving you precious money with shorter drives, refreshments and tolls. Your vacation time is very valuable.

When choosing your way across the Channel and to any points between England and France, there is no better or comfortable option than Brittney Ferries. There is no better way to travel. If you have any questions, you can call 0871 244 0744* Monday – Friday: 08:30 – 19:30. Saturday: 09:00 – 17:00. Sunday: 09:00 – 16:30. Or Email: reservations@brittanyferries.com to set your reservation.