Plymouth to Roscoff

Plymouth to Roscoff (Ferries)

If you are traveling from the U.K. to France, one way to get there is by taking Brittany Ferries. One route the ferry takes is from Plymouth to Roscoff.

Plymouth is approximately 190 miles (310 km) southwest of London on Plymouth Sound. It’s a very historic city located in Devon. Be sure to visit the Hoe, a large open space near the docks. You’ll see the impressive Smeatons lighthouse with fantastic views! Also worth a visit is the area known as the Barbican. Its setting is where the old fishing port used to be and has plenty of gift shops, restaurants and other attractions. Ferries leave from Milbay Docks, a natural inlet that is also home to a large port and home of the Royal Naval ships, the largest naval base in operation in Western Europe. Brittany Ferries have been running the shuttle service to Roscoff since 1973. A new marina near the docks, the King Point, recently opened with 171 slips. The brand new, fantastic on-shore building has showers and toilets. The new restaurant, Bridgemans Bistro is near the docks, so if you’re taking the ferry and would like something to eat, it’s an excellent restaurant with a wonderful view of the bay and marina.

Routes and Timetables
The luxurious ferries, Armorique and the flagship, Pont-Aven, take direct routes to Roscoff across the English Channel. The route takes about six hours during the day and eight hours for overnight. For your convenience, there are up to two sailings a day. If you choose the overnight sailing, there are comfortable cabins for two or four people onboard. Traveling to Roscoff will cost from £149, but can be lower, depending on the month of travel for one way with a standard car, plus two seats. Departing time is 22:00 for the afternoon sail. All ferries offer entertainment, cafes, bars, restaurants, and shops. Sit back and enjoy the views in the comfortable lounge areas on the ferries or in your cabin if you choose. If you have children, they can spend time in the video game room or watching the cinema. The vessel, Pont-Aven, even has a pool to lounge around or for swimming. The shops offer seasonal promotions and gifts. You can take the Amorique departing on Friday afternoon and be in Roscoff Saturday morning at 8 a.m. Overnight crossings are available on Mondays, Wednesdays and Saturdays with departing times of 20:45.

Roscoff is located on the northern coast of France in the region of Brittany. It’s known as a very charming fishing village. You’ll find 16th century granite buildings lining the coastline. The streets are filled with excellent restaurants, art galleries, and quaint gift shops. Being on the coast, seafood is their specialty, but you’ll want to try the delicious Breton crêpes as part of the French cuisine. In Roscoff, you’ll find the La Maison des Johnnies et de l’Oignon de Roscoff, a ‘Museum for the Onion Johnnies’, who were merchants famous for selling their onions from door step to door step. The Notre Dame de Croatz Batz, a sixteenth century Gothic church is fabulous. It’s famous for bells that look like a tiered cake and the beautiful Jardin Exotique gardens. If time permits, you should visit the tiny island, Ile de Batz or the towns nearby of Morlaix and St Pol de Léon that are very picturesque.