Jersey to Granville

Jersey to Granville

One of the most enjoyable and scenic modes of transportation for seafarers cruising across the picturesque ports of Jersey and Granville is the Manche Iles Express ferry. Passengers taking off from Jersey in the Channel Islands can reach the French coastal town of Granville in Normandy in little over an hour. Taking the ferry is the perfect way to ditch car and take off on a pleasant sightseeing holiday on foot or on bicycle. Here are some particulars about the ferry’s schedule, the vessel’s specifications and amenities as well as how to get the best prices on tickets.

Manche Iles Express Ferry Schedule

Passengers travelling from Jersey in the Channel Islands to Normandy’s Granville have a number of schedule options. The ferry that takes only foot passengers leaves from Jersey six times per week to arrive in Granville after an hour and ten minutes gliding over the English Channel to the east. The ferry also returns four times per week from Granville back to Jersey which takes about an hour and 20 minutes. When reserving ferry tickets, it is often best to use one of the many online booking platforms to compare seat availability for preferred routes with pricing details.

Boat Specifications and Amenities

Manche Iles Express has two sleek, high speed catamarans to comfortably transport passengers from France to the major Channel Islands. The newest vessel is called the Granville which seats 245 passengers inside as well as 50 others outdoors when weather safely permits. The Victor Hugo which is named after the famous French author cruises at speeds of 29 knots and seats 195 passengers. Although the ferry routes are fairly quick, Manche Iles Express does not compromise on agreeable amenities. For example, ferry passengers can expect seating comparable to the well cushioned ones on the major airlines. Also, snacks and beverages are available at the ships’ bars. Some passengers take advantage of the duty-free shopping opportunities provided for those with tickets; Manche Iles Express gives their customers the option to do some pre-boarding duty-free shopping on their website when they present their ferry booking itinerary number.

Obtaining the Best Prices on Ferry Tickets

Those who want to book passage on one of the Manche Iles Express ferries can either call the company’s reservation line directly, visit its website or compare prices and availability at other online booking platforms. Current non discounted prices for an adult ferry ticket for one way travel is 30,50 British pounds, and the fare for open return is 48 British pounds. Those travelling with children expect to pay 19,50 British pounds for a one way ticket and 32 British pounds for an open return ferry ticket. Besides the Manche Iles Express direct reservation phone line and booking website, there are at least four other websites that claim to offer competitive rates on available ferry seats. Some of these online ferry booking websites are,, and Local travellers who take frequent day trips between Normandy and the Channel Islands often sign up for the Manche Iles Express newsletter for updates on specials pricing and sales.