Folkestone to Calais

Travelling From Folkestone to Calais in Eurotunnel le Shuttle

Visiting Calais from Folkestone is now easy. Forget those long waits to take a bus or ferry. With options like Eurotunnel Le Shuttle, now you can easily reach the touristy town of Calais in just less than an hour. This is the easiest and most convenient way to cross the channel to reach Calais. Eurotunnel Le Shuttle trains are specially designed for those travellers who want to reach Calais in less than an hour. This transport system is for those who have cars. The shuttle train takes passengers with cars through the Channel Tunnel. Departure timetable is flexible enough to help each passenger in finding the best and suitable timing to travel.

These shuttles depart on frequent basis every day. Guests can see the timetable by visiting the Eurotunnel website. In three easy steps, passengers can book their shuttle ride from Folkestone to Calais. Just select the date of travel, time slot, and choose a departure time to take your train shuttle. From the UK terminal, Euroshuttle now offers departures in every hour. From the French terminal, there are two departures every hour.

Whether you are visiting Calais for a fun trip or a business meeting, there are many options of tickets and fares to suit each traveller’s needs. Eurotunnel Shuttle ticket includes the fare to transport your car and up to 9 passengers. This is indeed a great deal for groups and families travelling to Calais. For day trip and overnight, the ticket cost is 23 Euros. Short stay saver and short stay flexiplus tickets are for those who would like to stay in Calais for a few days. These tickets will cost you 55 Euros and 159 Euros. There is also a special ticket for those who frequently travel to the French city for business or pleasure. Online pre-booking is available. Guests can, however, choose to buy tickets at the terminals too.

The shuttle service is a perfect and fast short trip to reach Calais. There are onboard toilet facilities too. Guests will have to remain with their car during this trip. The shuttle ticket doesn’t have any baggage restrictions as well. Each tunnel terminal has good guest facilities. If you choose to travel as a foot passenger, then taking the Eurostar Passenger Train is recommended.

Folkestone, the coastal English resort town, offers a scenic and peaceful setting for each guest to enjoy. The town’s rich history and culture attract many history buffs. The picturesque Lower Leas Coastal Park is the major attraction in this seaside town. Families with children can settle and enjoy some shows or theatrical screenings at the onsite amphitheatre at this coastal park. For some enjoyable and romantic experience, take the Cliff Lift at Folkestone. Another way to explore this coastal town is by exploring the local food, culture, and people. The town is famous for its quaint cafés and confectionery shops offering delicious sweet bites.

The fishing French village of Calais is best known as the tiny English town of France. The town’s scenic and historic settings welcome guests of all ages. The famous Calais Six Burghers Monument, the historic Town Hall, Église Notre-Dame de Calais, the beautiful Calais Lighthouse, and the famous Fort Nieulay are some of the most popular tourist attractions of this town. Being a coastal town, Calais surely offers something enjoyable for all water activity lovers. Family entertainment options are plentiful with many amusement parks, aero clubs, and outdoor activity choices available here.